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challenges of gender bias and ethnic diversity
in today’s Construction sector.

31 October 2023
Regional Head of Human Capital | Compass Project Consulting

Sarah Saxon

‘Sarah is Regional Head of Human Capital, Compass Project Consulting. She is a senior HR leader who specialises in business transformation, OD, change management, leadership development and executive coaching. She holds a First Class BA in HRM and is a Chartered Member of the CIPD. She holds an ACC certification from the ICF and is currently undergoing PCC assessment and Fellowship assessment of CIPD. Driven by identifying problems and delivering strategic project based solutions to increase employee engagement and the bottom line, Sarah is adept at building and repairing strained relationships, transforming leader behaviour and mentoring the next generation of leaders. Sarah is ultimately passionate about creating better leaders for a sustainable and fairer future for the next generation. With 15+ years of management and business transformation under her belt, her on the ground experience and willingness to get her hands dirty and work on businesses most difficult and complex problems means that she really brings the ‘human’ side into her role.’