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31 October 2023
Branch Director | Omnium International Ltd

Nicky Dobreanu

Nicky Dobreanu works as Branch Director for Omnium International Ltd., an RICS regulated Project and Cost Management practice, serving the Middle East, Europe and the UK from five international branch offices. The experience to date includes pre & post contact QS / PM services within Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, Central and North America. Based in Dubai, Nicky has a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Management and a PgCert in International Arbitration. He is a Fellow of the RICS and also one of the few RICS Certified BIM Managers. He is a member of the RICS UAE Market Advisory Panel and a strong supporter of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, promoting sustainability, as well as diversity, equality and inclusion in all aspects of life. Often invited to share knowledge at various industry events on QS / PM related topics, he is also passionate about innovation and the digitalization of the construction and real estate sectors. His motto is “Don’t be the same, be better“.