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31 October 2023
CEO and Founder | MY PICK ONE

Marianna Piccolo

Marianna Piccolo, an exceptionally original and creative Italian interior designer, is based in Dubai since 2009 where she has been recognized twice as one of the most powerful and influential designers in the Middle East by CID magazine. Marianna is also a regular speaker at architectural conferences and interior design forums, including the Women in Construction Summit 2019, where she inspires her peers and a new generation of young designers.

Born in Puglia in Southern Italy, her sense of aesthetics was shaped at a very young age by the rural beauty, culture, folk music, art, and architecture of her homeland. Her passion for design led her to pursue a degree in interior design at the prestigious Polytechnic University of Milan. After her graduation in 2007, she came under the mentorship of legendary Italian interior designer and architect, Marco Piva. Under his guidance, she developed a rational approach to design combined with the creative freedom to think out of the box.

Inspired by Piva’s provocation to think big, she moved to Dubai in 2009 to work as a design consultant for high-profile companies, including RW Armstrong, Sinergo S.P.A, and Al Tayer Group. Six years down the line, in 2014, she founded her eponymous studio called MyPickOne Studio and became one of the most notable women entrepreneurs in UAE’s luxury interior design industry. With 15 years of experience, Marianna leads her team, showcasing her talent through Residential and Commercial projects in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Puglia, and Paris.

Her successful collaborations with great Italian masters, including celebrated architect Piero Lissoni, and artisans like Domenico, make her projects stand head and shoulders above many. Marianna’s passion for interior design is complemented by twin loves: Photography and Fashion. This gives her an edge and a natural eye when it comes to composition, color palettes, fabrics, and textures.