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31 October 2023
Head of DEI and Culture | Cundall

Lucy May

Lucy May is Head of DEI and Culture at Cundall. Joining the leadership team earlier this year, she is responsible for developing and delivering Cundall’s DEI and culture strategy as they continue their ambitious global expansion programme.

Lucy’s priorities include creating a positive and supporting working environment for all colleagues, valuing each as individuals and ensuring they each have a voice through effective employee engagement, wellbeing and listening strategies, ensuring that regional contexts are reflected in plans and policies. Her focus is on delivering sustainable, meaningful change with an overarching global vision, creating a delivery model that enhances and encourages a plan to address the cultural differences that working globally brings.

Lucy has a wealth of experience in the DEI space developed in her previous roles in the private and public sectors, including as Head of Inclusion at Newcastle Football Club where she was instrumental in helping it achieve the rigorous Premier League equality standards.  As part of her accomplishments there, she created the “United as One” brand for Newcastle to emphasize unity among supporters, employees and players.

In addition to her work in DEI, Lucy is a Women’s Select Group referee, officiating for the Football Association across four continents and continues to referee in the FA Women’s Super League.  It was her, often challenging, experiences of being a female in a largely male-dominated refereeing world that sparked Lucy’s interest in and passion for highlighting DEI issues and driving positive change to encourage more females to become match officials.

Lucy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law, a Master of Science in Business Management and a CertEd in Post-Compulsory Education.