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31 October 2023
Finance Director | ISG Middle East & Southeast Asia

Alia Saleh

Alia Saleh, a Dubai native, has been an integral part of ISG and its group of companies for over seven years. Starting her career in finance with Deloitte, she later joined ISG, where she has ascended through various roles, showcasing her unwavering commitment and expertise. Currently serving as the finance director for Southeast Asia and the Middle East, Alia’s leadership is marked by dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

A passionate advocate for women in the construction sector, Alia is proud of her position in an industry where women are underrepresented. Against this backdrop, her ascent at ISG stands as a testament to the potential of women in construction and the importance of breaking industry norms.

Aligned with her commitment to DEI, Alia is the board sponsor for the Environment and Social Value Committee at ISG Middle East. This role allows her to drive forward initiatives that make a tangible difference, both environmentally and socially, reflecting ISG’s broader goals, of doing the “Right thing first”.

Outside her corporate commitments, Alia is deeply involved in community initiatives. As a volunteer with the ACCA’s Community and Social Impact Group, Women in Finance Group, and a trained facilitator for the #IAmRemarkable initiative, she’s dedicated to elevating the achievements of women and underrepresented groups.

Alia Saleh’s journey embodies ISG’s mission to create a more diverse and inclusive business environment, and she remains a beacon for women aspiring to make their mark in the construction sector.